Can A Mediterranean Diet Help With Acne?

If you look at the average Mediterranean diet, it might surprise you exactly how much fat it contains. They seem to douse everything in olive oil, from the bread they eat to the salads they enjoy.

They do not seem to do low fat anything and love things like olives and feta cheese. At first, this seems like a terrible diet for anyone to follow and yet scientific research has established that it is a very effective one for good health.

Looking a little more closely at the diet you will also see that plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables also play a large role – the food is flavorful and interesting to eat and very filling.

Therein lies the success of the diet as a whole. It is a healthy mix of fats and foods. The fats in olive oil are monounsaturated and thus are healthy for you overall.

Because of these fats and the amount they eat, their blood sugar is kept relatively stable. Since excessive amounts of insulin in the blood cause a hormonal imbalance, this balanced sugar means less hormonal fluctuation as well.

That, in turn makes it easier to keep your weight stable and also helps to keep your skin clear. (Hormonal changes are credited with causing most acne.)

In addition, the monounsaturated fats help the body to reduce inflammation and to deal with problem skin. (The skin needs certain fats to function properly.)

So it is that the Mediterranean diet could, in spite of the amount of fat and oil used, actually help you to lose weight and help your skin to clear up as well.

You do of course need to research the diet properly but here is a basic rundown for you. Start off with the best quality food you can get your hands on.

Use plenty of natural flavorings – key here is good food that tastes great. Next up is to use Olive Oil – the best quality you can get. Use extra virgin olive oil for salads and plain olive oil for cooking.

When dishing up, make sure that at least half your plate is covered in veggies. Eat monounsaturated fats at each meal and eat your biggest meal at lunch.

Follow this diet properly and it won’t even feel like a chore – wait for the great skin and loads of energy.